Fiscardo is located in the northern most part of Kefalonia and is a picturesque village undamaged by the earthquake of 1953. Here you can still see mwny old Venetian style houses and properties. The name Fiscardo is taken from the Norman conquerer Robert Guiscard who landed in Northern Kefalonia, it was originally named Panormos which means 'well-protected bay'. Fiscardo is on of the most visited areas of Kefalonia and is epecially frequented by the yatching fraternity. Ferries run regularly from the harbour to the nearby islands of Ithaka and Lefkada. The area around Fiscardo is of great interest archeologically, especially at Fournia peninsular where Palaeolithic stone tools have been found. There is also a Roman cemetery located near the centre of the village. In the surrounding villages of Antipata, Halikeri, Tzamarelata and Vari you can find a number of old churches which display well preserved wall frescos.